Company Name Lantech Corporation
President Yoshiie Matsumoto
Location Head Office
64-5 ChungGac-Ri,DongTan-Myun,HwaSung-City,KyungGi Province,Korea
TEL 82-31-377-9664  FAX 82-31-377-9665
Company History
Lantechnical Service Co.,Ltd
1985 Lantech was established at Kamiyama-town in Shibuya-ku.
1987 Jointed company named Senengineering Co., Ltd. was founded with Senlights Co., Ltd.
1987 Developed "Fully Automatic End Sealing Equipment"
1990 Established Osaka Office
1990 Developed "Fully Automatic Pressurized End Sealing Equipment"
1992 Developed "UV Press”
1994 Developed "Non-Contact Pressurized End Sealing Equipment","Non-Contact UV Press"
1995 Moved to our present address
1998 Started to produce at temporary factory in Gunma
1999 Lantech was adopted as "Reserch and Development company" by Venture Enterprise Center Fundation Project: "Development of UV Press equipment with alignment function for LCD manufacturing process"
1999 Started development and sales of Encapsulation Machine for OLED/PLED
2000 Opened Gunma Factory
2002 Established Lantech Corporation in Korea
2003 Started development and sales of single wavelength excimer lamp for Russia academy
(SEN Engineering Co., Ltd)
2004 Started studying application of VUV-CVD for OLED manufacturing process
2005 Developed VUV-CVD equipment for 370mmx470mm substrate
2006 Introduced technique of Belarussian IZOVAC and started research and development of ion beam spatter
2007 Established research department at Kyodai Katsura Venture Plaza and developed ion beam research
2008 Developed linear source for organic material
Organic EL Seal Line Vacuum Bonding Vacuum Coating Equipment etc.

Senengineering Co.Ltd
Equipment related to UV

Lantec Corporation (Korea)
Equipment related to UV Equipment related to bonding Maintenance of equipment